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A Home Among the Stars

Coming July 12th

Launch at Ad-Astra

The third installment in the Starchasers saga—A Home Among the Stars—follows Skyler, Michael and Kax as the raging war begins to reach a fever pitch. In the United Galactic Forces Space Academy, things intensify as more is revealed about our characters.

As Skyler wrestles with the looming possibility of being put on active duty and his feelings for Kax. How can he go to the frontlines of a war with confidence, knowing his father met his end doing the very same?

Michael, determined to make a difference for Squallite-kind and how they are perceived, continues his studious work in the lab to help win the war against the Cassiopaean invaders. How will he grapple with Rob Thorn, a new cadet who proves to stir dissent?

Follow the exploits and tribulations of our young cadets as they navigate life and the cosmos in A Home Among the Stars.