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10 Years

A Starchasers Story

Release Date May 21st 2019

A prequel short story to the Starcatchers series, 10 Years follows Captain Levi Therris on the tenth anniversary of his role as Captain in the United Galactic Forces.

The stars seem aligned when Captain Therris’s son, Skyler, is born on this very day. Things are joyous for the Captain until they are set upon by enemy forces.

It’s up to the Captain to save the day for his wife, his newborn son and life as they know it in this thrilling origin story of Skyler Therris in 10 Years: A Starcatchers Story. 

Ultimate Pot

Short Story

When Allen Hovland's wife is diagnosed with cancer. He does whatever he can to help her be cured or releasing her pain. This takes him down a new and strange path. Introducing him to new people and things. Making a new friend who introduces him into a world of mysterious he never thought existed. An eerie tale of the love of Mary Jane.

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