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The Stars Are Calling

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The second book in the Starchasers saga, The Stars Are Calling, continues the adventure of Skyler, Michael and Kax in the United Galactic Forces Academy.

Skyler’s second year as an academy cadet is getting harder: as he juggles his romantic entanglements with new, tougher combat simulations with an impending war just around the corner.

Michael struggles with his Squallite heritage when a mission critical to ending the war forces him to decide where his true allegiance lies.

Making tough decisions they never could have imagined, the cadets put their morals, skills, and hearts to the test as the war draws closer and the stakes are higher than ever before. With the help of some new and familiar faces, they just might make it.

Revisit the young cadets of The Stars Will Rise for another unforgettable adventure as they

continue to chase the stars.